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The Volt per Octaves are a family band consisting of husband/wife duo Nick & Anna Montoya, along with their daughter Eva.
The trio play all live electronic music via 1970’s analog keyboards such as the Moog synthesizer, Wurlitzer EP, funky Clavinet and talk box synth.

They have collaborated with the like of Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic, Talking Heads), Roger Manning Jr (Beck, Air, Moog Cookbook), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Air), Brian Kehew (Air, Moog Cookbook) and Ross Harris (Sukia, Dj Me Dj You)

Their mellow, yet funky energy on stage is sure to leave you smiling.

Long Version:


Nick Montoya and Anna Rhoney met in 1997 while freshman in high school. In 1998, Anna gave birth to future band member Eva Montoya. They formed The Volt per Octaves while living in Santa Barbara, California in 2004. Consisting of the now husband and wife team Nick and Anna Montoya (along with their analog sidekick Evatronic), the trio set out to bring Moog synthesizers back into the spotlight. In a day and age where multi-gigabyte samplers and laptop computers rule the electronic music scene, The VPOs are adamant about performing their original electronic music sans laptop. Bob Moogs vision was for his his instruments to be used in live performance to create sounds that were like no other sounds that came before! The name they chose The Volt per Octaves (or The Volt/Octs) is a direct reference to the genius of Dr. Robert A. Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

In the beginning the intention was to play a few local gigs in Santa Barbara but The VPO’s took their Moog music a bit further. In May 2005, the band got the chance to open up the official “MoogFest” which was originally held at BB King’s Blues Club in the heart of NYC’s Time Square. This great experience led to an endorsement with Moog Music Inc, in which the band represented the company at the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention, as well as contributing design ideas to the company’s popular Little Phatty Synthesizer. In January 2006, an interview with the band was featured in the nations leading synthesizer and music technology publication Keyboard Magazine (Jan ’06)n>. Nick has since contributed occasionally to Keyboard Magazine.

They released their debut album “Sleeping In”which was recorded in Humboldt county in August 2006. The relaxing nature of the ancient redwood forest served as a perfect breeding ground for such a mellow, Mooged out record. The album also features a remix by platinum award winning producer Anthony J. Resta ( Duran Duran, Elton John, Missing Persons).

The VPOs released their sophomore effort “Moogsaic”, in September 2007. The album features collaborations with synth masters Roger Manning Jr. (of Beck, Air, Moog Cookbook) and Ross “Rossangeles” Harris (of Dj Me Dj You, Sukia). As well as a collaboration with fellow Santa Barbarian “Bizzarro Lord Zool”. And most importantly, a cameo by their daughter Eva, on Melodica and whistling!

Between studio albums the VPOs released their “Remixes and Rarities”CD featuring remixes and covers of VPO songs by Small Dot Complex, Bizzarro Lord Zool, Anthony J. Resta, Nick Putrid and white:plastiq !

The Volt per Octaves finished their third studio album in 2009 “Via Human Error” which features collaborations with Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook, Air, The Who) on Mellotron, Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Bass Player extraordinaire and musical director for Beck) on Bass, the “Wizard of Woo” Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads) and of course daughter Eva on Vocals, Nintendo DS’ Korg MS10 and more!

The VPOs returned to MOOGFEST in 2010 5 years after their first initial Moogfest performance and tore the roof off with the two time rock hall of famer BERNIE WORRELL who sat in with the young family. “Uncle Bernie” added his signature riffs while Anna, Eva, Nick layed down all live Moog mania with vintage and new Moog synths. (Read the review of their set Here) – (mid page)

After spending five years in the Pac NW, the young family ventured east when Nick was offered a job at Moog Music in 2013. Now residing in Asheville, NC the Moog trio released “Joining the Circuits” in SUMMER 2015 FEATURING: BERNIE WORRELL (P-FUNK / TALKING HEADS), STEVE MAASS (EMPIRE STRIKES BRASS),JASON DANIELLO AND NATHAN MARINO (SINOOKAS)!